JUNE   2019

Many of the programs and activities at the Forum are ongoing, taking place daily, weekly or monthly. Some are coordinated by staff, others by residents or outside volunteers. New residents, and even those of us who have been around for awhile but have not participated in a listed activity wonder about what is going on. So we resolved to post a picture and brief description of recurring activities. Use these in conjunction with the monthly and weekly calendars our Activity Director publishes and become involved. If the activity requires a bus trip residents need to sign up in the activities book by Barb’s door. If it takes place at the Forum, all are welcome, just come or call the coordinator to see if there are any physical or financial requirements. Unlike the other categories which are organized chronologically, ongoing activities are alphabetical to help you find what are interested in by topic: Artistic Expression, Exercise, Games, Health & Wellness, Mental Challenges, Organizational Support, Religious Activities, Shopping, Sociability.





    Flower Arranging – Michele DeSantis, DeSantis Florists

The first Tuesday of each month Michele DeSantis arrives with a supply of flowers and containers for residents to make small personal flower arrangements for their apartment or as a gift for a friend. She teaches the basics of flower arranging and gently supervises so everyone is sure to leave with an attractive arrangement. Interested residents sign up in the activity book in advance and pay $5 for supplies.





      Reach to Improve – Activities Director, Barb Holliday

This is Five Star’s program to help residents maintain physical independence. Activities Director, Barb Holliday, leads residents in light flexibility and strength exercises on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week. Some are performed seated in a chair and some standing with a chair available for support. Each resident can do as little or as much as is comfortable.  We are all at different places along the fitness spectrum.  The important thing is that we DO something!





       Tai Chi – Staff Member, Paki Sukwattana

Forum staffer, Paki Sukwattana, offers Tai Chi classes on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  Originally a series of movements for self-defense, Tai Chi has evolved into a graceful form of exercise that is now used to reduce stress while increasing flexibility and balance. reduction. Often described as meditation in motion, Tai Chi promotes serenity through gentle, flowing movements. Beginners are welcome!




Chair Volleyball

Exercise or game?? well both actually. Chair volleyball certainly gets us moving and its lots of fun. It takes place in the lobby on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays just before lunch and you can hear the cheering as you come down the hall. The rules are the same as regular volleyball except that we try to see how many times we can keep the ball going back and forth over the net rather than spiking it for a point. Come and cheer or play.


      Bingo – Coordinator, Barb Holliday plus volunteer callers

Bingo is every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday with a variety of game formations being called. Bill Brewer is a frequent volunteer caller and most players choose to monitor two games at once. On holidays, Judy Swayne, Resident Services Manager, calls special games and offers a special treat.


   Bridge – Resident Coordinator, Flo Olson and others

Bridge is probably the longest running and most popular card game at the Forum. Groups play weekly on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, and informal groups organized by friends take place at a variety of times and locations. All residents are welcome, with or without a partner. Sign up in the Activities notebook to make it possible to organize groups of four.




       Euchre – Resident Coordinator, Suzanne Sherwood

A group of enthusiastic euchre players would welcome more players on Sunday afternoons in the Multipurpose Room.




Game Night – Resident Coordinator – Ginny Bonsecour

Although a variety of card games have been played by this group, they are currently enjoying golf – yes, golf played with cards rather than clubs and balls. Come and try it!



Jigsaw Puzzle

Seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day you’ll find a jigsaw puzzle on the table in the living room. Once in awhile it actually gets finished and is available to be admired but most of the time it is in some stage of completion waiting for the next person who stops by and adds a piece or a dozen. Warning* This is addictive!


         Poker – Bob, Jim, Bill, Kjell, and Bob

Ask any of them about the Wednesday evening poker games. All residents are welcome, and yes, they’ve had women participate in the past and would be happy to have some again.




Tripoley – Resident Coordinators Norma Colley & Bill Brewer

If it’s Tuesday evening it must be Tripoley. Break out the pennies and join the fun. This group is coordinated by a core group of resident volunteers led by Norma Colley. Tripoley is a bit of three games in one: hearts, poker and Michigan rummy.  All residents are welcome if they know a bit about poker and rummy, or anyone who wants to come and watch before joining in. The stakes are low and the fun level is high!






Breakfast – Dining Staff

Although breakfast is not part of our official contract when residents enter Forum Independent living, it’s an important option for a loyal group of residents. Many residents prefer breakfast in their apartment in their robe while leisurely scanning the paper, and some do sleep in and skip this healthy way to begin the day. But a group of regulars enjoy the daily continental breakfasts our dining staff provides, especially on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when Lil is cooking eggs to order. On Wednesdays you can even order an omelet with ‘everything’ – bacon, cheese, onions, tomatoes, peppers – or just your favorite ingredients. On a typical Wednesday she will make about twenty. 





White Tablecloth Dining – Chris Vehr & Staff

For lunch and dinner the Forum proudly produces white tablecloth dining elegance. Executive Chef Linda Meoak surpervises a kitchen staff that produces a choice of two lunch and three dinner entrees daily with soup, vegetables, salads and dessert. These are three course meals from soup/appetiser through dessert and a variety of side choices. Kirsten Rahaman-Little supervises a dining staff who treat us as though we had reservations at a gourmet restaurant. Best of all, we neither have to cook it or clean up and wash the dishes! This is surely one of the greatest benefits of retirement living!



      Wellness Clinic – Blood Pressure Checks

On the first and third Wednesday mornings of each month, We conduct a Wellness Clinic in the exercise room. Our staff takes blood pressure and heart rate readings and residents weigh themselves. First time participants receive a card to record results and regular participants bring their card to record new readings. This provides a record to take to one’s personal doctor and discuss trends or changes.







     Coffee and Conversation – Leader, Resident A.J. Miller


This program is exactly what the title says and it happens weekly on Monday mornings. The dining staff prepares coffee and cookies and resident coordinator A.J. Miller leads discussion on a topic he and the group have chosen. In early January, the timely after Christmas topic was giving gifts, with A.J.’s discussion prompts asking why we give gifts, do we enjoy giving and receiving gifts, how do we decide what to give, do we give to both children and adults, is gifting creating too much commercialism? Sound interesting? New members are welcome — just come.




     Current Events – Resident Leader Al Soloway

This group meets every other Friday for a thought-provoking look at current events in the news. Facilitated by retired OSU professor Al Soloway, the topics might range from the legalization of marijuana to the conflict between Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs. Everyone one  is welcome to participate.



Great Courses: Cities of the Ancient World


Great Courses are college level DVD courses produced by The Teaching Company in cooperation with college professors and the National Geographic Society. Everyone is welcome to attend, there are no grades or requirements, just intriguing information. Our current twenty-four week course is Cities of the Ancient World by Steven L. Tuck,  Professor of Classics at Miami University. He has recently won teaching awards from Miami University and the Archaeological Institute of America. He has done archaeological research and fieldwork in Italy, Greece, Egypt, and England. Resident Coordinator: Jennie McCormick



Town Hall – Executive Director, Rebecca Converse

Each month our Director, Becky Converse and Program Director, Barb Holliday conduct a town meeting open to the entire Independent Living Community. Becky updates us on Five Star plans, new staff hires, problems that have been or are being resolved, etc. Barb Holliday summarizes upcoming activities and both take numerous resident questions. Residents are free to make suggestions. It is definitely the place to “Be in the know. . .”



Organizational Support

The Forum encourages resident input to support staff operating the independent living community. An elected Resident Council, Food Committee, Program Committee, and Welcome Committee each meet monthly with the staff members responsible for that area. Residents are eligible to serve on two committees annually. Elections are in May, so nominate yourself for the committee of your choice, or ask a friend to do so. Minutes of these group’s monthly meetings are in a notebook in the library for all residents to review.

Resident Council – Executive Director, Becky Converse


The Resident Council is an advisory group to the Forum administration. Eleven members are elected on a rotating basis for three year terms. They communicate the interests and concerns of residents, participate in planning and assisting activities that promote the Forum as a retirement community of choice to residents and prospective residents, and provide the Executive Director a forum to present corporate and staff ideas and concerns for resident discussion.




Food Committee – Dining Services, Chris Vehr & staff

The Food Committee consists of twelve resident members elected in May for one-year terms. They act as a sounding board for the Director of Dining Services, Executive Chef, and Dining Room Manager to foster a quality dining program. They suggest, or respond to staff suggestions, for potential new menu items or dinner themes. They share resident responses to menu items and recipes, and to dining room service.



Program Committee – Activities Director, Barb Holliday

The Program Committee has eight members elected in May for one-year terms. They meet the second Tuesday of each month to review programs the past month, suggest educational programs, movies and entertainers for at the Forum, suggest trips outside the Forum, suggest restaurants for lunch and dinner out on the town, and assist the activities director in promoting planned activities, calling residents who sign up for programs, and jobs like serving refreshments for activities.



Welcome Committee – Activities Director, Barb Holliday

The Welcome Committee has six resident members elected in May for one-year terms. They meet the first Tuesday of each month and a member is assigned to mentor each new resident, act as host or hostess for meals their first week, introduce them to other residents, answer questions about Forum activities, and interview them and prepare a bio for their introduction to the community. They assist the Lifestyle 360 Activities Coordinator in conducting a bi-monthly New Residents Reception where new residents are formally introduced to the community.






Bible Study: Volunteer Joe Bartezak, Facilitator 

This weekly non-denominational discussion group on Thursday mornings is led by volunteer Joe Bartezak, a retired Lutheran pastor who serves a congregation at Sugar Grove part time. The group is currently using “Grip of Grace” by Max Lucado as a guide for an open, free-flowing discussion. Residents have a chance to explore parables and stories of the Bible and how they influence our faith. All are welcome – and the dining staff provide coffee and cookies!



Catholic Communion – Volunteer, Elaine James

This weekly communion service on Monday mornings is led by Elaine James, from St. Timothy Catholic Church. All residents of the Catholic faith are invited to participate.




Sunday Church Services: St. Mark’s Episcopal, St. Timothy Catholic, Trinity United Methodist, Upper Arlington Lutheran, Covenant Presbyterian

Every Sunday morning our bus takes residents who sign up to St. Tim’s Catholic, Trinity United Methodist, Upper Arlington Lutheran, and Covenant Presbyterian Churches to attend services at the church of their choice.


trinity-church ua-lutheran-church





Groceries – Kroger

kroger-shoppingDespite the fact that the Forum offers three meals a day in the dining room, trips to the grocery are popular. A few residents enjoy preparing a special meal for themselves, family or guests but many more like to keep snacks on hand, prepare breakfast in their apartment, or pick up a pharmacy prescription. Our buses make weekly trips to Kroger on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Shoppers have an hour in the store and, best of all, when they get back the bus driver delivers their bags of groceries directly to their kitchen counter!





On Friday morning, the same bus that takes shoppers to Kroger offers residents a chance to go to Chase bank.



   Clothing, Cosmetics, Bed & Bath, Shoes, Jewelry, Etc.

We offer a variety of shopping options to nearby malls, discount stores, and drugstores for both necessities and desires. We offer monthly extended shopping trips  to Tuttle Mall or the Shops on Lane Ave.; or weekly trips to Kohl’s, Target; Walgreens, or Wallmart.





Birthday Luncheon – Barb Holliday, Activities Director

On the second Tuesday of each month the Forum invites all residents who have a birthday that month to a special champagne luncheon for a group celebration. This usually includes some good-natured kidding about who is the oldest and it always includes a particularly sumptuous dessert and a ‘Happy Birthday’ serenade from the entire dining room.




Comedy: Dean Martin Variety Show

Laughter is good for your health! Thanks to residents Dominc and Flora Valentino who are sharing  their DVD collecction of Dean Martin’s best variety shows we’re getting a huge dose of laughter every other Friday afternoon (alternating with Current Events). Give yourself a Friday treat and join us.








Forum Singers – Resident Leader, Shirley Wiser

The Forum Singers are a resident group that enjoy singing together and performing monthly for residents in all of our communities – Independent Living, Ambassador Suites, Health Care and Rehabilitation, Knightsbridge II Assisted Living and Memory Care. Pianist Shirley Wiser leads the group which practices every Wednesday afternoon. They welcome new singers to join them!







Happy Hour

Every Friday and Saturday evening from 4:30 to 6:30 is Happy Hour in the lounge. It’s a sociable way to meet friends before the 5:00 to 6:30 dinner seatings. Beer, wine and various soda choices are offered at the bar. Residents are welcome to invite family members to join them. Twice a month musicians provide entertainment  – Pianist Cathi Aldrich is a regular on the 4th Saturday and a rotating variety of others. There are always chips and nibbles but for special occasions such as Halloween or New Year’s Eve the dining staff will provide a nice buffet of hors d’oeuvres.



4 Paws 4 Ability – OSU Student Volunteers

On Wednesday evenings during the OSU academic year, OSU students who are raising puppies who will be trained to become companions and assist persons with disabilities bring them to visit Forum residents. This is an opportunity for residents to socialize with the students and their dogs and for the dogs to become socialized to a variety of people petting and playing with them. It is a wonderful opportunity for those who once enjoyed having pets but are no longer physically able to care for one. Stop by after dinner and check it out.



Movie Matinees: Activity Coordinator Barb Holliday

Every Monday and Saturday afternoon we show a free movie in the multipurpose room. The program committee recommends a mix of classics and new releases. Choices are advertised on the monthly and weekly calendars and the resident website contains a link to view the preview trailer. Everyone is welcome. Invite a friend.




Sing Along with Joanie’s Kids – Music Teacher Joanie Calem

On Tuesday mornings the Forum multipurpose room overflows with joy as Joanie Calem, assisted by a variety of hand puppets and soft cuddly animals, leads intergenerational singing. A dozen or so preschoolers, their parents, and Forum resident “grandparents” join in songs with fun motions. The day we visited Grandpa Groundhog was hibernating but wondering about spring, frogs and fishes were sleeping but waking to jump and swim when the sun came out, and a ‘river’ of colorful parachute cloth invited everyone from small fishes to whales to swim as they sang. Everyone is welcome to join the fun, especially those who have great-grandkids far away who they see only infrequently.