New Staff

Aug. 15, 2019      Dining Server: Dasia Robinson

Let’s welcome Dasia Robinson to our dining room staff. She was born in Detroit but moved to Columbus with her mother who was originally from here. She has two younger brothers and three step-brothers and sister on her Dad’s side. She graduated from Reynoldsburg High School and is now a student at Columbus State majoring in Criminal Justice with the goal of becoming a detective. She has worked in the dining room at First Community Village and heard about the Forum from Tangela and Ty. She has a two-year-old daughter who keeps her very busy but she does have time to enjoy a motorcycle club her uncle is president of. Right now she’s looking for a Harley three-wheeler. Welcome Daisia.

Aug. 3, 2019      Maintenance Staff: Roosevelt Hardin

The new face on our maintenance staff is Roosevelt Hardin Jr. named for his father now deceased. He’s been here for a couple of weeks working between Kb1 and Kb2 but we caught up with him today. He was born and raised in Mansfield, Ohio and graduated from Mansfield High School were he played football and basketball. He has an Associate degree in Facilities Management from Columbus State and has worked for a local plumbing company the past three years.  He’s married and has two teenage stepsons that he enjoys  playing basketball with. His hero is LeBron James as you will see from the bracelet he wears. Welcome to the Forum, Roosevelt.

Aug. 1, 2019      Administrative Manager: Teri Shell

Today is officially Teri Shell’s first day in our front office but she had already made arrangements for a couple of days vacation this week because her daughter and two grandchildren are visiting from Kentucky. Some of you have met Teri during the past week as she was training with Judy. As Becky indicated when she introduced Teri at Town Meeting, in addition to being Becky’s administrative assistant, Teri will be supervising receptionists and arranging transportation in all areas of both buildings, managing TouchTown, and most of all serving as “Resident Advocate” for residents and their families in KB1. Terri began working in KB2 last fall after retiring from Abbott Nutrition (makers of Ensure among many other products), where she managed the labeling section. She is a graduate of Ohio Dominican University. She has been married 33 years and her husband works for the Franklin County Board of Elections. They have an adult daughter whose family lives in Kentucky and has children 6 and 4 and another on the way. Stop by and meet Teri after next Monday. Robin says she’s wonderful and is really looking forward to working with her.



July 16, 2019      Dining Server: Hannah Masser

A big Forum welcome to Hannah Masser on her second night in our dining room. She was  born and grew up here in Columbus and is the oldest of two sisters. She is a senior at Bishop Watterson High School.  She knew about the Forum because her grandfather lived here a few years ago and she has volunteered to help with some of our activities. She runs cross country and in this hot weather is beginning to train early in the morning. One of her favorite subjects is Spanish and she has already traveled to Mexico. She also enjoys art and painting as a hobby, not a career. She hasn’t decided yet for sure but is thinking about nursing.

July 11, 2019      Dining Server: Juliette Lukambo

Our newest server, Juliette Lukambo, started just today. She was born in the Congo, grew up in Uganda, and came to the US with her family in 2015. She is the oldest of five girls, all with names that are some form of Julia, Julianna, etc. She already knew English, the official language of Uganda from its colonial period. She graduated from Mifflin High School this spring and will be working at the Forum part time when she begins classes at Columbus State next month.  She played soccer and softball at Mifflin, plans to major in Sports and Exercise Services at Columbus State and then at Ohio State. Welcome to the Forum Juliette.

July 1, 2019      Dining Server: Abbey Marshall

A big Forum welcome to Abbey Marshall who joined our Dining Servers Monday. She was born in Phoenix but moved to Ohio as a baby and has gone through Wellington School, graduating in 2018. There she played tennis, girl’s baseball and was a cheerleader. She will be returning to Allegheny College this fall where she is a sophomore majoring in biology and global relations. Her goal is  graduate work in public health and an international job, but she plans to be back at the Forum during winter break and hopefully next summer. This summer she is living with her artist grandmother from whom she enjoys learning acrylic painting. We’ll enjoy getting to know you Abbey.

June 10, 2019       Dining Server: Nadia Murray

Lets welcome, Nadia Murray,  our new server in the dining room to her very first outside job! Nadia Murray will be a junior at Horizon Science Academy High School, a grade 9-12 public charter school that provides its students with an innovative world class education, rich in math, science and technology. But Nadia’s favorite subject is art and she hopes to make that her career. She heard about the Forum from her cousin Ty, who also works in dining services. She is a Columbus native who has three sisters and two brothers, and she is right in the middle. She says she is shy so lets make her feel welcome and let her know we’re glad she is here.



April 20, 2019      Dining Server: Caroline Dunham

A big Forum welcome to Caroline Dunham who was celebrating her sixth day as a server in our dining room. Although her appearance reflects her Danish ancestry, Caroline is a native of Columbus. She has an older sister but is the youngest in her family. She’s just finishing her sophomore year at Bishop Watterson High School and will be working part time till summer. She plays soccer in the spring and in the fall is the goalie on the girls field hockey team. She is also a volunteer in the food pantry of the Clintonville Community Resource Center. We look forward to getting to know you Caroline.