New Staff

April 20, 2019      Dining Server: Caroline Dunham

A big Forum welcome to Caroline Dunham who was celebrating her sixth day as a server in our dining room. Although her appearance reflects her Danish ancestry, Caroline is a native of Columbus. She has an older sister but is the youngest in her family. She’s just finishing her sophomore year at Bishop Watterson High School and will be working part time till summer. She plays soccer in the spring and in the fall is the goalie on the girls field hockey team. She is also a volunteer in the food pantry of the Clintonville Community Resource Center. We look forward to getting to know you Caroline.

March 28, 2019      Maintenance Staff: Joe Muncy

Meet Joe Muncy, the newest member of our maintenance staff. He’s a native of Reynoldsburg, grew up there in a family with one brother and two sisters, and graduated from Reynoldsburg High School. His Dad is a mechanic for diesel trucks and as a kid Joe loved to take things apart so he came by his maintenance skills early. For the past 6 or 7 years he’s been working in apartment maintenance in Reynoldsburg and has his HVAC certification. He’s married and has a two-year-old son who is testing whether “no” really means “no.” For fun he’s a collector of vintage comic books from the 1930s through the 1960s. He’s also a professional gamer on a five-man team which is invited to participate annually in a tournament in Las Vegas. Last year his team was 6th among 200 from around the world. They are currently practicing “Call of Duty,” the game for the tournament coming up in August. Welcome to the Forum, Joe.

Feb. 26, 2019         Maintenance Staff: Aaron Nauman

Have you met Aaron Nauman, the newest member of our maintenance staff? He’s a  native of Columbus – well, born in Mansfield – but grew up and went to school here, graduating from Tree of Life Christian School in 1995. He had his own construction and maintenance business before coming to work at the Forum. He has two boys twelve and four. On weekends in fall and spring you will find him playing soccer for the ‘Hammers,’ (isn’t that a perfect team for a maintenance guy?). They compete in the ten-team Columbus Premier Soccer League and ranked second last fall. I asked if his sons were into soccer but he says his twelve-year-old prefers baseball and football and is excellent baseball player. The four-year-old isn’t committed yet. Welcome  to the Forum, Aaron!

Feb. 5, 2019      Dining Room Server: Ayat Abdelgadir

Meet our newest dining server, Ayat Abdelgadir, her name reflecting her Arabic heritage. Her parents immigrated from Khartoum, the capitol of Sudan and its largest city with over five million people. She was born in Philadelphia but moved to Ohio with her family, which includes two younger brothers. She graduated from Dublin Coffman High School and is attending Columbus State as well as working part-time at the Forum. She has worked as a server at Friendship Village Dublin so she already knows a bit about senior citizens. I asked if anyone had ever suggested she should be a model and she admitted that she has indeed done a bit of modeling. She looks much younger than her twenty-one years. She enjoys riding her bike (in better weather) but her real love is travel. She has not only been to Sudan to visit grandparents and cousins, but she has also been to Dubai, Egypt and Germany and visited other relatives. Welcome to the Forum Ayat.


Jan. 30, 2019      Dining Room Server: Jessica Farman

Meet Jessica Farman who began working in our dining room just this noon! She was born in Florida but has moved a lot – first to Indiana and then to high school at Putnam Bay on Lake Erie where there were just seven people in her graduating class. She graduated from the Regency School of Cosmetology in Columbus but didn’t enjoy that work, although she might create still create a style for a friend. Prior to coming to the Forum she worked at La Chatelaine in Worthington. She has a boyfriend here but her brothers and sisters are scattered from Florida, to Indiana, and Arizona. When I asked what she does for fun she introduced me to the whole field of “costuming.” This involves designing a costume that depicts a video game or cartoon character and meeting up with other costumers in conventions in places like Nationwide Arena in Columbus. Jessica says she often begins with thrift shop finds and redesigns them for her character. She showed me hers as “Black Cat” from Spiderman. Sophisticated? Wow!

Jan. 30, 2019      Dining Room Server: Aishat Lawal

Meet Aishat Lawal, who says she was named after her grandmother. She was born in Nigeria and came to the United States with her family when she was fourteen. She has four sisters and is next to the youngest. She is a senior at Mifflin High School and heard about the Forum from her friend Alfreda who is in her AP (Advanced Placement) English class. She also participates in bowling and soccer. She plans to go to college but doesn’t know yet where she is going. Welcome to the Forum Aishat.