New Residents

April 22, 2019       Evy (Evelyn) Guebert

We welcomed Evy Guebert to the Forum this evening with a halo of lights over her head in the dining room. Her family helped her move in over the weekend and she sounds incredibly organized. She was born in New York City and grew up in Mt. Vernon, NY. She met her Ohioan future husband while attending Wittenberg, a Lutheran liberal arts college at Springfield. She began her teaching career as a kindergarten teacher in Cincinnati, moved to Dayton and then Columbus as her husband advanced his career as a CPA. She has two daughters and a son, all now back in the Columbus area, nine grandchildren scattered from North Carolina to Chicago, 3 great-grandchildren and three more expected in July. Forum old-timers may think she looks familiar from her days visiting her friend Marion Livingston. We look forward to her becoming an active member of our community.

April 15, 2019       Bob Fry

Robert Fry moved to the Forum from Worthington, together with a sister and brother-in-law. He was born in the tiny (population 50) southwestern Ohio town of Arnheim where his father was minister of the Lutheran Church. His two brothers also became Lutheran ministers. Bob began school in a one-room school but by second grade was attending a consolidated school in Sardina, Ohio. He graduated in 1943 during World War II and was inducted into the Marines. He was trained as a radar technician in the Marines and served in Guam and occupied Japan. After he was discharged he moved to Columbus to attend Capital University where he majored in biology and mathematics. His career was as a high school biology and math teacher. Bob is very interested in DNA research. He reads a lot, mostly about science and particularly DNA. Welcome to the Forum Bob.

March 26, 2019          Ray Lora

Meet our newest resident, Ray Lora. His wife, Twila, who has Alzheimer’s, has an apartment in Ambassador Suites. He’s a native of Salem, Ohio, where he attended school, lived throughout his working life, and raised his family. They have two daughters, one in Millersburg, Ohio and the other in Upper Arlington, and three grandchildren. Two years ago they moved to Dublin Village Senior Living to be near their daughter, and from there to the Forum. Ray had a forty-year career as a regional service manager for Burroughs Corporation, a major American manufacturer of business equipment that in 1986 merged with Sperry UNIVAC and became Unisys. Ray’s hobby is model trains, even dedicating an entire room of his house to his set up. He has pictures and maybe after he gets settled we can have him do a program for us. Welcome to the Forum Ray.


Jan. 14, 2019         Maxine Russell

A big Forum welcome to Maxine Russell who moved in last week from Upper Arlington. Maxine was born at Marietta, Ohio, attended school in Charleston, West Virginia, and met her husband while attending Marshall University when he returned from World War II and came back to finish his degree in engineering. He earned a Masters at Michigan and worked for North American Rockwell. She taught at Clinton and Indian Springs elementary schools before earning her Masters and becoming a middle school guidance counselor and later a high school history teacher. She had two children but tragically her son was killed in an auto accident and her daughter died of cancer. She’s still playing with her former bridge group but we expect she’ll be joining in Forum activities very soon. Her cat already enjoys her window overlooking Zimmerman Road!


Dec. 5, 2018          Kjell Larson

We’re delighted to welcome Kjell Laron who moved in this past weekend and has already become a regular member of the breakfast club. He was born and grew up in Norway during the German occupation during WWII.  His father had already migrated to the United States but because of the depression had been unable to bring his family over before the war. Kjell studied engineering and English in Oslo and joined his parents in the Chicago area in 1953. He joined a engineering consulting firm and spent his entire career with the same company, specializing in heating and plumbing systems for high rise buildings. He moved to Columbus to be near his son and daughter-in-law. His son graduated from Ohio State and is a geologist.  His son has two  adult daughters and his daughter-in-law two adult sons scattered across the country. Kjell enjoys spending time on his computer which allows him to keep up with his childhood home in Norway and his sister in Sweden. Welcome to the Forum.