Gift Shop

                             FORUM EMPORIUM

Our gift shop has a new name!!!! FORUM EMOORIUM! It has a nice ring but what does it mean? We went to the dictionary and found an emporium is  ‘A market place or trading centre, particularly of an ancient city.” or “A shop that offers a wide variety of goods.” That pretty much describes our gift shop – the FORUM EMPORIUM. It surely is the market center of our independent living community. And as for variety, where else can you find tasty snacks, lovely greeting cards, stylish scarves and jewelry, daily necessities from a roll of toilet paper to a tube of toothpaste. cuddly toy animals, hearing aid batteries, ice cream bars, laundry soap, and more – much more in one small space. Come for what you need, browse for what you’d like, and celebrate our new name embracing our variety.





Come by the gift shop and see some of our new items — lovely spring scarves, capes and vests, small purses just right for keys, tissues and a bit of cash, lots of new jewelry and some cute little animals for the great-grandkids and much more of course.






The door is open, do come in and see what’s new. We have some lovely fall shrug vests and scarves and decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Our shop has fantastic prices compared to retail stores – Our secret? We don'[t pay our volunteer helpers.

       New!! Waterproof poncho

New item in our gift shop. Why not join Gene Kelley “Singin’ in the Rain” in this classy waterproof poncho? It comes in other colors too, but if you’re an OSU Buckeye fan. why not show your scarlet and gray loyalty? It”s lightweight, easy to fold and carry in a tote, and be ready for these pop-up showers we’ve been having. We’re guaranteed to have more this fall.







Just the Basics, a Few Treats, and Great Gifts

Have you shopped in The Forum Gift Shop lately? It’s run by resident volunteers and saving on salaries means you can find great bargains. It is usually open before and after lunch time. The shop always has essential items like toothpaste and tissues; treats from snacks to candy or ice cream bars; a great supply of greeting cards; seasonal decorations; and a variety of gift items, from talking animals for great-grandchildren to jewelry, scarves, or purses for yourself or friends and relatives! Desperate for a roll of toilet paper, shampoo, toothpaste, detergent, etc. Don’t worry, the gift shop can bail you out.


If you could volunteer for a one-hour shift each week — it’s a great way to meet residents and staff — see Barb Holliday. The more help we have, the  more hours we can be open.